This is a service where a fleet of automobiles are made available to a group of pre-authorized customers (through signing of the relative contract).
With a simple phone call to the call centre, the subscriber can reserve a vehicle, whenever necessary, paying only for the cost of consumption.
It’s possible to book on-line too.

Besides the advantage of not having the expenses involved with owning a car (such as payment for licensing, insurance, maintenance, cleaning, etc.), subscribers to car sharing also get a series of parking and travel concessions that are valid throughout the city.

The use of the vehicle is the same as with any other automobile, with the only exception being the pick up and delivery phase.

Here a special card with a microchip is used which, when brought close to the smart card reader located behind the windscreen on each vehicle, recognizes the customer.
Both of these operations are extremely simple and are done in a totally automated, self-service manner.

This system is also active in the cities of Bologna, Brescia, Genova, Roma, Modena, Torino, Firenze, Milano, Padova, Palermo and Rimini (which, like Venice, adhere to the national car sharing initiative called “Iniziativa Car Sharing - Io Guido”)