From february the 7th 2019, the parking area of the tourist buses arriving in Venice will be temporarily transferred to the outer square of the logistics exchange center (building on the right coming down from the Tronchetto ramp after the roundabout of the Maritime Station), ensuring however the possibility to safely perform loading and unloading operations. More info



The Venice City Council controls the access of tourist buses and coaches to its area through the “Limited Traffic Zone” (“ZTL BUS”) with the aim of organising traffic coming into Venice and the historic city centre, thus making the huge tourism flows into the city compatible with the day-to-day life of its resident citizens. 
To provide incentives to using less-polluting transport solutions, provision is made for discounted rates for coaches Euro 4 and assimilated Euro 5, and Euro 5 category or higher.

Introduced by the Venice City Council on 25 March 2002, the “ZTL BUS” area is a limited-traffic zone extending across much of Venice's municipal area. Its purpose is to promote a culture of environmental awareness with reference to urban mobility. To do so it regulates traffic into and around Venice's mainland and island districts so as to render the large tourist flows compatible with the ordinary life of the residents.

For the internal circulation within the ZTL area, coaches have to pay and display a pass, which costs less for vehicles that are more environment-friendly (Euro 4 and assimilated  to Euro 5, Euro 5 category or higher)
The pass can be purchased  on site or on “Ticket On-Line” section. Their costs also depend on the final destination of the coaches. Coaches that carry those tourists who are booked in exclusively to stay in hotels within the Venice municipality are given discounts and granted the "Hotels Pass". To reduce atmospheric pollution and provide incentives to a philosophy of sustainable mobility, discounts are granted to coaches of the Euro 4 and assimilated  to Euro 5, Euro 5 category or higher.

The vehicles that enter the ZTL BUS area without passes must follow the routes indicated by the road signs, which take them to the Check-In Points. Also those coaches which come within the exempt categories must display the appropriate Exemption Pass.
The stay within the ZTL BUS area is allowed only in the authorised areas for passengers to get on/off, in the dedicated car-parks, and in the private car-parks that can be reached by showing the pass.

The Limited Traffic Zone for coaches identified with Council Board Resolution No.117/2002 coincides almost exactly with the boundaries of Venice’s municipal area. It allows transit for free only along the Mestre bypass ("tangenziale") and the link road ("bretella") connecting the bypass with Marco Polo Airport.

The check-in points are found on the access routes to the city and are open every day from 6:00 to 20:30 (cash operations until 20.15), except for Check-in 3 ("FUSINA"), which is open from 7:30 to 21:00 (in summer) from 7:30 to 19:30 (in winter), and Check-in 4 ("PETROLI"), which is open 24 hours (with staff AVM from 06:00 a.m until 11.45 p.m.).

1. "BAZZERA": On the Mestre bypass ("Tangenziale") at the service station of "Bazzera Nord" for coaches coming from the A4 and A23 motorways from Trieste/Udine, and the A27 from Belluno.

2. "PANORAMA": On the "Romea" main road at the “Panorama” shopping district for coaches arriving from the main roads ("Strade Statali") of SS309 "Romea" and SS11 "Brenta Riviera".

3. "FUSINA": At the Fusina Terminal for coaches arriving along the SS309 "Romea" and SS11 "Brenta Riviera".

4. "PETROLI" Marghera, Via dei Petroli after the San Giuliano overpass for coaches coming from the SS14 "Triestina", SS13 "Terraglio" and SS245 "Castellana".
After the Science Park for coaches arriving from the A4 Motorway from Padova and from the SP32 "Miranese" main road. Coaches with no passes entering the ZTL BUS area from 20.15 to 6.30 must rectify their position at Check-in 4 "PETROLI".

REGULARIZATION NIGHT TRANSITS: To certify any night­time transit, between 11.45pm and 6.00am, please send an SMS to 3665795148, indicating only the car registration number.
Wait for an acknowledgement SMS with transit details and instructions for the regularization. In case of failed receipt, please send another SMS.
The regularization must be done by 12.00 midday of the same day at check­points or by visiting http://avm.avmspa.it/en/

We suggest several types of vertical road signs referring to the ZTL zone (Low Emissions Zone), which you can find on urban roads.
The road signs have been agreed with the Municipal Police of Venice and are divided into various types:
Check-in signs (sign 1): close to a check-in with an approaching speed limit of 10 km;
Prohibition signs (signs 2 and 3): no access to the ZTL zone (Low Emissions Zone), except for authorised coaches, i.e. those with regular passes;
Direction road signs (signs 4, 5 and 6): signs showing coaches the check-in direction. 
Pay parking spaces reserved for coaches can be found in 3 locations: 
- Park at Isola Nova del Tronchetto; blue lines; maximum parking time allowed 1 hour; first 30 minutes free; from 31 to 60 minutes € 15.
Fusina: parking at Fusina Terminal, coming from SS 11 Riviera del Brenta or SS 309 Romea.
Capacity: 500 spaces tel. +39 041.5470160.

The tourist coaches that intend to access the ZTL BUS area must display a Pass issued by AVM S.p.A., the company assigned by the Venice City Council to manage the service.


via Martiri della Libertà 396 30174 Mestre - VE - Italy (c/o sede Actv S.p.A.)

INFO-LINE: +39 041 2722367
FAX: +39 041 2722368
DIRECT MAIL: infoztlbus@avmspa.it

Opening Time
Monday-Friday: 8.30 am – 4.30pm


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