1. Area of application

These terms and conditions of use govern the relationship between the Customer and Azienda Veneziana della Mobilità spa (hereinafter AVM for brevity) for the purchase of tickets for local public transport, the payment of the fare for the "Parcheggia Venezia" service for parking on the otherwise known as "blue lines" except for the areas of Piazzale Roma, San Giuliano and Interspar (first 2 hours free), through the use of AVM Venezia Official APP.

The terms, conditions, and provisions governing the operations and methods of access and use of public transportation and paid parking and which establish obligations and responsibilities of both the service operator and the Customer are provided in the documents published on the websites www.avmspa.it and www.actv.it.

The App is available for the iOS, Android, and HarmonyOS platforms. For the purchase of Actv public transport tickets, we recommend installing the app only on smartphone-type devices. The system is compatible with media whose height is less than 14 cm and width is less than 9 cm (therefore excluding tablets, including 6-inch ones). 

2. Terms and conditions of use

By downloading the application from the store associated with your operating system and registering for the application, the Client agrees to fully accept all of these terms and conditions of use, without exception.

AVM reserves the right to unilaterally modify these terms and conditions of use at any time. It is the Client's exclusive responsibility to verify at every access to the App, whether any changes have been made. Use of the App implies full acceptance of any possible modifications.

3. Terms of use

The purchase of a ticket for local public transportation or the payment of the fare for the "Parcheggia Venezia" service (parking on the "blue lines" of the Municipality of Venice) is at the exclusive risk of the Client. The Client is required to protect its mobile device from unauthorized access. In order to minimize possible failures, the Client commits to promptly report to AVM any suspicion of unauthorized use of their account used to access the App.

In order to perform the first purchase of tickets and payment for the "Parcheggia Venezia" service (parking on the otherwise known "blue lines") or for the use of the intermodal parking lots of the Municipality of Venice, the customer is required to proceed with the registration operation, entering the data required by the App. For all subsequent access, logging in by entering the account’s e-mail address and password is sufficient.

Upon registration, the Client becomes entirely responsible for all activities conducted through the account. AVM denies all liability for errors made by the Customer during registration.

In order to use the service, the Client is required to provide AVM with his/her personal data, e-mail address, and a mobile phone number associated with the smartphone on which the App is downloaded. It is the Client's responsibility to verify the correct registration of its data.

The Client is entirely responsible for the confidentiality of its password. If the Client has reason to believe that third parties have accessed or become aware of the password, the Client must immediately change the password.


4. Methods of payment

Payments can be made, after registration, either by credit card or by an e-wallet.

In addition, the credit can be recharged directly from a PuntoLIS network tobacconist shop.

Credit cards include prepaid cards belonging to the Visa and Mastercard circuits whose data are required to be entered after registration or during purchase.

An e-wallet is a dematerialized payment tool (virtual wallet) through which it is possible to build credit through successive top-ups to be used for transactions relating to user services and subsequent withdrawal of the due amounts. Once the transaction is completed, a receipt of payment is sent to the Client's e-mail address. The Client is required to top up the available credit contained in his/her electronic purse.

Given the rapid evolution with which the mobile payment sector is developing, AVM reserves the right to modify these terms of use in response to possible changes in the service, the application of new technologies, and the introduction of different mobile devices, technical-administrative procedures, new IT security practices. 

5. Claims and liability

Any voluntary or involuntary operation performed by the Client that results in the non-visualization of the purchased tickets (both valid and unused) or of the residual credit in the e-wallet, remains the exclusive responsibility of the Client, including, by way of example, the cases of uninstalling the App, malfunctioning, and formatting of the device, loss of the latter.

It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure the data connection and the proper functioning of the mobile device for the necessary time of use of any purchased service.

Possible malfunctions of the App (which have to be promptly reported to the assistance service) do not exempt the Client from the payment of services (parking or transportation) which must be therefore purchased through alternative sales channels.

AVM will only refund the amount purchased or wrongly withdrawn if a charge has occurred due to incorrect processing of the transaction by the payment system.

6. Termination

With the exception of what has been established in the previous point, the Client may uninstall the App from his/her mobile device at any time and without prior notice, and may also request the deletion of his/her account and personal data directly from their device by clicking on "Delete personal data/cancel account" within the profile section (this option is only possible if the e-wallet balance is zero and there are no valid tickets on the account) or otherwise, exclusively by completing the specific webform "REQUESTS RELATING TO PRIVACY AND TREATMENT OF PERSONAL DATA" in the "Contacts" section of the AVM-ACTV websites, attaching a copy of the identity document accompanied by an authentic signature at the bottom of the same (in the case of valid tickets on the account or an e-purse balance other than zero euros).



7. Intellectual property rights

By downloading the App, the Client accepts and acknowledges that the App is protected by intellectual property and other applicable laws, including, without limitation, Copyright. The Client agrees to use such proprietary information and materials solely for the use of the service offered under the provisions of these Terms of Use. No part of the App and the offered products may be reproduced in any form or by any means, except as expressly permitted in these Terms. The Client agrees not to modify, rent, lease, loan, sell, distribute, or create derivative works based on this App, in any way, and may not exploit the App or the purchased products in any unauthorized manner.

All copyrights in the App are owned by AVM and/or its licensors. The use of any component of the App, except for use as permitted by these terms and conditions, is strictly prohibited, infringes the intellectual property rights of others, and may subject the Client to civil and criminal penalties, including possible monetary fines, for copyright infringement.

AVM, the AVM logo and other AVM Group trademarks, graphics, and logos used in connection with the App are trademarks or registered trademarks of the AVM Group. The Client is entitled to no right or license concerning any of the mentioned trademarks and the use of such trademarks.