Tickets and pricing

AVM/Actv is the main public transport provider for the urban area of Venice and the suburban area up to Padua, Treviso and Rovigo. Considering the extent of the area served, there are many travel solutions available at various prices.

Those outlined in the sections that follow are the main tariffs.  For further information and specific solutions, please contact the DIME call center on +39 041 041, open from 08:00 am to 6:00 pm every day.
Tickets and passes are loaded on two types of electronic media:
•    prepaid: Venezia Unica card for passes and tickets
•    non prepaid: for tickets only
Ordinary and "Rete Unica” travel tickets are valid in the urban area of the Municipality of Venice.  These tickets allow you to travel within the urban tramway network, the mainland road network of the City of Venice (including the People Mover) and Lido and Pellestrina, as well as within the urban waterborne network of the historical lagoon center up to Chioggia - Treporti and Punta Sabbioni (excluded).

Two different types of travel tickets with different prices are available for the waterborne services:

•    ordinary one-off tickets for occasional passengers;
•    tickets and passes for Venezia Unica card holders enabled for waterborne services; activation of this service allows you to take advantage of the "Carta Venezia" rate.
•    Ordinary one-off tickets for occasional passengers as well as some urban and suburban bus fares that can be added to the “electronic ticket”.

Tickets for regular passengers are available for holders of a Venezia Unica card enabled as a "Carta Venezia".

Both types of tickets can also be purchased from the AVM Venezia Official App: in this case the passenger’s mobile device replaces the Venezia Unica card or the "electronic ticket".

For access to the AVM/Actv transport service, pursuant to art. 37 of Regional Law n° 25 of 30 October 1998 and amendments, passengers must have a valid ticket or pass based on the current public pricing for the journey. The travel time is understood as starting when the passenger boards the vehicle and ends when the passenger alights. Holders of a travel-time-related ticket must end their travels within the time band period of their ticket, remembering that the time starts from the first validation

The ticket must be validated at the beginning of each journey and at each vehicle change using the readers present at the waterbus stop of the waterborne services, on board buses and trams and at the People Mover accesses.


A passenger found to be without a ticket, the ticket has not been validated or it is being used irregularly will be liable to pay a standard fare plus a penalty, as provided for by Regional Law n° 25/1998 and amendments (for more information consult the General Transport Conditions  published on this site).


AVM/Actv tickets can be purchased from the following sales channels:
•    Venezia Unica point of sale throughout the historic center of Venice and on the mainland 
•    authorized retailers
•    automatic ticketing machines at the main AVM/Actv public transport arrival terminals and waterbus stops
•    AVM Venezia Official App 
•    on line on
•    on board waterborne services 

Group tickets (only for 60 people and over) can be purchased from the Vela SpA Ticketing Office, email address  or online through the website

The last and the first days of the month could be critical with queues at the Venezia Unica ticket offices and agencies. Therefore, why not avoid queues and purchase your monthly pass in advance?  You can purchase your pass from the 20th of each month, or use alternative sales channels (link to where to buy).
Only urban passes can be purchased at the automatic ticketing machines.
You can book an appointment with the Venice Unica agencies online using the "Eliminacode" function on this site.

- AVM/Actv tickets that are still valid are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged.
- Once the ticket has been validated, it is non-transferrable and must be kept until the end of the journey.
- Services to and from Marco Polo Venice Airport are priced separately (see “Aerobus” section in the paragraph on “URBAN TICKETS”).
- Actv tickets are not valid for waterborne services 16 and 19, Alilaguna services and connections between P.le Roma and the Ca’ Vendramin Calergi Casino in Venice (the latter being reserved for casino clients).

Children up to the age of six travel free on the AVM/Actv urban and suburban services in the Municipality of Venice and children up to the age of four on other services: Chioggia urban services.

Young people from the age of 6 up to 29 with a Rolling Venice can get a 72-hour discounted ticket 

Avm/Actv monthly and yearly passes are the most convenient way to travel. A monthly pass can be purchased up to the 19th of the same month. Therefore, you can purchase your pass in advance for the following month from the 20th onwards. Holders of the Venezia Unica card can purchase or renew their pass by purchasing it from the Venezia Unica Points of Sale in the historic centre of Venice and on the mainland, or from authorized retailers, automatic ticketing machines and also through the AVM Venezia Official App after registering the Venezia Unica card on your smartphone. This eliminates the need to go to the ticket office, avoiding queues and the renewal operations are easier and faster.
More information on the App
More information on the yearly passes