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Regulations for tourist buses gaining entry to limited bus traffic zone (ZTL BUS) on council territory

Characteristics of

Issue of pass for access to limited traffic zone

Conditions for use


How to buy
On-line from (ztl bus section) or, from with advance payment using (Bankpass, Keyclient portal) credit card or deposit account.

Pass costs vary according to final destination (Mainland/Lido or Venice-Tronchetto).

Tariffs indicated on the summary table are valid valid until 11.59pm from moment of entry in limited traffic zone for buses ZTL BUS (with limitations of access to Venice for some types of pass) with the exception of some special passes valid for specified time period of transfer (3 hour maximum), excluding specific exceptions mentioned on special passes, and hotel passes valid until 7.00pm of the day after the pass issue, or, however the last overnight stay in case of multi-day pass.

Types of passes available on-line:-    Ordinary (valid until 11.59pm  and maximum 4 accesses)
-    Hotel Pass (valid until 7.00pm of the day after and maximum 4 accesses)
-    Minibus (valid until 11.59pm  and maximum 4 accesses)
-    School trips (valid until 11.59pm)
-    Special Pass- port (valid until 11.59pm)
-    Special Pass- airport, station (valid 3 hours)
-    Special Pass - performers/sporting group (valid until 11.59pm)
-    Special Pass- Political and Trade Union protests (v.u 11.59pm)
-    Special Pass- Conferences and Performances (v.u 11.59pm)
-    Special Resident’s Pass (valid until 11.59pm)
-    Atypical Services (valid 3 hours)

Uncompleted requests will not be accepted
All requests must be complete; the booking system will demand completion. Transmitting required documents is obligatory and must be done according to the type of pass requested.

Issue/Printing off purchased passes
In case of purchase effected on-line the pass will be available in your own customers area ("your purchases") within an hour from the receipt of the email of confirmation of the happened payment.

It is impossible to change/modify date, arrival time, and pass type. These particulars required at the time of booking cannot be changed.

Change/Modify registration number plate
Changes to the number plate and type of motor may be carried out, unless the computer system detects that the pass has already been printed.

There are no extra charges when changing number plate details.
Instead, there are charges when registering a change in motor type from Euro 4  (or more) to Euro 3, Euro 2 to Euro 1. There will be no refund in the case of an opposite situation (from Euro 3, Euro 2, Euro 1 to Euro 4 or more).

It is impossible to make changes, once the pass has been printed.

The validity period is printed on the pass. Failure / lack to use the pass means expiry of any / all rights

Method of use
The pass must be well visible/exposed on the bus windscreen as foreseen in ministerial order O.D n.140 of 11th March 2008. Failure to comply with the above order i.e. pass not being properly exposed- will involve the filing of a report.

An 80% Refund will be considered with a good reason in situations of advance payment  by credit card or deposit account for online purchase of pass,  and if the pass has not been yet printed. However, all this can only be done no more than 60 days after the date of entry/arrival.

There will be no refunds for passes that are already printed or issued.

An invoice will not be issued for the sale of a pass.

Blocked Tariffs
Tariffs confirmed at the moment of purchase are not subject to variations

AVM S.p.A will not be held liable for any inconveniences/problems due to a possible malfunction of the online ticketing sales system.

Places where the product can be issued/ use of service

In your personal client area (“your purchases”)

How to use the service/How the product is consigned

Please refer to what is clearly stated in “conditions for use” at numbers 5, 8 and 9.

supplementary offers


The client’s duty/obligation

The pass must be well visible/exposed on the windscreen.


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