Free pass (obligation to collect and display pass)


Buses and coaches available for rental with driver departing from the municipality for excursions for residents of the City of Venice, as well as those carrying people attending weddings or funerals of residents, with reservation required at least 10 days in advance only in the first case, and without reservation for people who regularly travel to a workshop located inside the prohibited zone for technical assistance services with supporting documentation.

Validity up to midnight of the day of issue

Documentation: Declaration of a resident excursion participant with name, address, telephone number, departure and return dates. Alternatively: A) declaration on headed paper signed by an official of the company, association, educational institution, etc. based in the City of Venice that informs the excursion of its members / partners / students / etc. and indicates the day of departure and return; or B) contract between the travel agency and a resident of the City of Venice or the representative of the educational institute / Association / etc., which in addition to the name of the representative provides the address and telephone number of the resident, and the dates of departure. Weddings: Publications / marriage announcements and identification document. Funerals: Self-certification of a family member. Workshop: Workshop declaration.


CAT. "K-bis" - ATIPICI MARITTIMA-PEOPLE MOVER: atypical bus service used exclusively for the connection between the Venice Cruise Terminal (Stazione Marittima) and the intermediate "Marittima" People Mover stop.