The pass is a slip that must be affixed to the front windscreen of the coaches to allow them to circulate according to the chosen destination with the following procedures:
- Historic Centre: unrestricted movement throughout the ZTL area;
- Mainland and Lido island: circulation allowed in the ZTL area of the mainland up to the start of the road bridge leading to Venice and on Venice Lido island; circulation is also allowed for the boarding point of the ferry-boat serving Venice Lido island. It is forbidden to stop along the section that crossed 'Tronchetto'.
The coaches circulating or stopping in the areas not among those of the chosen destination will have to pay a fine plus the difference in cost of the pass.
Specific passes are issued to coaches that provide exempt services and those carrying only those tourists who are staying in hotel.


Passes can be bought at the check-in points.
Payments at the check-in  points can be made
in cash, cashpoint/debit card or these credit cards:
Visa, CartaSì, Eurocard and MasterCard.

Please also note that the rates applied are given - in their formalities
and amounts - with Resolution by the Venice Council Executive Board and
cannot therefore be reduced.


You can buy Passes for the ZTL BUS area with the booking formula by paying a deposit in advance from which the pass costs are deducted.
Passes are issued at all Check-Ins by validation of the "booking form" exhibited by the company that has subscribed to this payment solution or on "Ticket on-line" section.
To activate the discount booking solution, companies must send AVM S.p.A the request for accreditation and make a non-interest bearing deposit of at least 3,000 euro.
Download accreditation request


The passes for the coaches coming within the exempt categories are issued at the check-in points or – for the AIRPORT Booklet Passes only - at the ZTL BUS office. Improper use of Exemption Passes will cause them to be immediately cancelled, the supervisory authority to be notified and those abusing the facility to pay in full for the Pass and be fined under the prevailing regulations.


On duly documented request of the companyproviding the service, discount passes can be issued, applying the corresponding transit unit price for the period and the number of transits into/through the ZTL–Bus area, as provided for by the service plan of the line, for the following categories:

• timetabled non-typical passenger transport services run as per paragraph g) of Resolution 80/2007      ;
• timetabled authorised seasonal coach services (long-distance tourism or commercial) as per para h) of the above mentioned resolution;
• The buses used for international public transport as per para i) of the above mentioned resolution.
Should the service involve more than two continual daily transits, a daily tariff will be applied to the Discount Pass and set as double the tariff for a single access for the duration the service is operated. It is possible to sign ad hoc agreements for periods of more than one month between interested users and ZTL BUS area Operator for the whole contractual duration. 
For services authorised in this way, there is no obligation to stop at the the checkpoints to pick up the Passes. These coaches will be identified by displaying a special card in the windscreen bearing the details of the service.


If vehicles are found not paying for Passes, in addition to being fined normally as per Italian Law, “a special double fine will be applied on top of the normal one and will in all cases never be less than 100 euro” (Resolution 80/2007).
If vehicles run services for which free passes are issued, a special price of 50 euro will be charged if such passes are not applied for.

The Venice Local Police and the roving patrols of ZTL BUS area make constant, accurate checks of the area to discover any violations.
Those found without a proper Pass will be fined as per Legislative Decree No. 285/1992 New Italian Highway Code (Art. 7 c.9 and c.14 II period, Art. 157 c. 6 ec. 8; Art.158 c. 2 letter 1) and c. 6;


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