The City of Venice applies special discounts for coaches transporting tourists to accommodation facilities located within the City of Venice.
Hotel passes are issued upon presentation of a document confirming the accommodation booking. The pass is valid up to 7:00 pm on the day following the last overnight stay and allows circulation within the ZTL bus zone (Low Emissions Zone) only in the reference area. Isola Nova del Tronchetto can be accessed up to a maximum of four times. The discount is strictly and univocally linked to the same group that is transported in, out or moving within the ZTL (LEZ) zones with the same coach and is reserved for coaches that arrive at the check-in point with a document confirming the accommodation booking.
The prices for hotel passes vary depending on the location of the facility and destination of the coach.
Should a group be booked in accommodation on the mainland and the coach remains on the mainland, an Alberghi Terraferma pass must be purchased.
If a group is booked in accommodation on the mainland but the coach has to load/unload in Venice/Tronchetto, a Venice Hotel pass must be purchased.
If a group is booked in hotel accommodation in LIDO di Venezia, the coach will be entitled to a free hotel pass, but must board the vehicle on the Ferry Boat.

If the coach transports people who have used different means to enter the City of Venice and do not have a pass, but will be leaving the city permanently by coach, the discounted daily rate for the location of the hotel where they have been lodging will be applied thereto (hotel pass). In this case, the pass will be valid until 11:59 pm on the day of issue.
For people who are going on excursions outside the ZTL (LEZ) zone but who will continue to lodge in facilities within the City of Venice, the rate applied will be that of the location where the accommodation is located (but always in relation to the coach destination). In this case, the charge and the validity of the pass will be calculated as if the group entered the city territory at that time.