The coaches that provide the following transits and services are exempt from paying the Passes and are not obliged to display them on their windscreens:

a) Coaches with passengers whose destination or origin locations are Venice Marco Polo Airport only for flight boarding or landing, and using only the motorway system, the A4 Airport connecting link road – SS 14, and the section of the SS 14 between the junction of the Airport link-road and the junction of the road access system that affords direct access to the airport, without crossing other parts of the ZTL BUS area;
b) Empty coaches, limited to those that have their own garage within the ZTL BUS area;
c) School coaches taking students from the Venice City Council or students of outlying municipalities who attend schools within the Venice City Council;
d) Coaches used for public urban and non-urban transport in timetabled services, except for those used in seasonal timetabled services (touring and commercial coaches) authorised by Regional Law No. 25/98, Art.4 sub-section 4 lett. B) and C), which have to pay the exemption pass (see Exemptions List);
e) The coaches providing atypical services authorised under Regional Law No. 46/94, limited to those which contractually include the transport of employees or which provide services with the medium and large retail centres, and to the minibus providing atypical services authorised by the Venice City Council under regional law 46/94, limited to those that contractually allow the transport to and from tourism-accommodation facilities within the municipal area;
f) Minibuses owned by of the hotels within the municipal area of Venice for their own transport purposes.
g) Coaches used only for carrying the Disabled and their accompanying adults, with certification of the transport service organiser, to notify AVM S.p.A.;
h) Buses registered under Art. 138 of Legislative Decree No. 285 of 30 April 1992 "Nuovo codice della strada" (“New highway code”);
p) Coaches carrying out non-standard services authorised pursuant to Regional Law 46/94, including those of a commercial nature pursuant to Regional Law 25/98 that contractually provide transfer of workers or connection to and from shopping centres authorised by the Municipality of Venice and – for a 12-month trial period – also those already authorised by the Metropolitan City of Venice, provided that in this case the coaches are used only and exclusively for the transport of workers or Venice residents to and from the shopping centres. In addition, non-standard minibus services authorised by the Municipality of Venice pursuant to Regional Law 46/94, limited to those that contractually provide transportation to and from tourist accommodation facilities within the municipal territory;
r) Coaches for the EXCLUSIVE transport of disabled or mobility impaired people and their carers, against certification of the transport organiser, to be transmitted to the service provider. Nevertheless, transit through the check-points to pick up the pass is mandatory.

These categories must notify their number plates to the ZTL BUS Office according to the procedures laid down by AVM.


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